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How a door is made

Details are not details and words are not simple letters matching, but terms that indicate a very precise innovation that perform a function.

In the common jargon is called "door". It can be manufactured in wood, with diversified solutions
Longitudinal elements that create a sort of door frame; Hide the breaks between the fixed frame, the false frame and the wall.
Coniferous wood structure that is mounted in the wall thickness along the entire compartment to accommodate the door.
It is the essential element of the modern door; Consists of uprights (vertical profiles) and transom (horizontal element placed at the top of the frame).
They connect the door to the chassis and determine the direction of rotation. They can be visible or disappeared. Some models are reversible, ie they allow you to establish the opening direction at the time of installation. The most modern hinges are adjustable, allowing you to adjust the door both in height and in depth and width.
Standard sizes are 80 cm for most environments and 70 cm for doors that provide access to accessory compartments. The standard height is 210/200 cm and the wall thickness is 10 cm. The measures to be indicated to buy a door are height, width and depth (wall thickness). The spaces must be measured after installing the counter-frame, laying the floor and finishing the finishes on the walls (the tiles of bath and kitchen should already be laid). It is also necessary to indicate the direction of opening (the direction to be preferred, in the case of a door leaf with door, is that which approaches the door to the wall perpendicular closer to the entrance, in this case the space between the door and The wall may vary between 8/10 cm and 70 cm, allowing the positioning of a closet behind the door).
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