Produttore porte interne – Aprite alla perfezione

Carpenters Masters since 1980

Our company has been working in the wood industry since 1980, but only 8 of them have had the whole production fair to realize the internal doors. The technique and persistence with which the company focused on door production has made Condoleo Porte in a short time alongside the other big realities that have been present in this area for a long time.

The door sector today represents the core business of the company, which started its production with a single line of doors, to date with a portfolio of products capable of giving almost complete completeness to the type of interior doors.

We collect over 10 collections covering different styles from classic to modern, different types of price, from the economic door to the super luxurious models, and different trends to meet the most varied needs, all models share one single aspect the Condoleo Porte, which is at the same time synonymous with quality, care and innovation.

Condoleo is born
A small carpentry of large wood craftsmen
The company expands
quality pays, proudly, small carpentry becomes a small / medium company that produces quality doors.
A state of the art company
A great company, with thousands of satisfied customers.